Home Equity Loans Online

Applying for Home Equity Loans online is quite common these days. Visit half a dozen websites of potential lenders, see what are being offered and decide on the type of loan that suits you best.

The application form can be filled in online. If there is any difficulty in doing this, you can telephone the lender you are approaching, for clarification. The information to be provided by you would include details about you, the property you are offering as collateral, and your social security number to verify your credit rating. All data presented online would be usually encoded using Secure Socket Layer technology so that secrecy is ensured. It is advisable to check the credit rating yourself before applying. The higher your credit score the lender’s risk would be lower. This can result in obtaining better terms.

An application deposit may be required in some cases. In all probability approval of the loan subject to verification of the details given by you can be obtained online within half an hour. But the actual disbursal of money may take time. Within a few days of the in principle sanctioning the advance, the lender will send an appraiser or loan advisor to you. This is basically an investigation procedure. You may have to produce proof of income and sometimes furnish more information. After that the loan documents will be forwarded to you. Study them carefully, ask questions if you have any doubt, and once satisfied, sign them before a notary and return to the sender.

Even after signing, you have the right to rescind the agreement within three days. The loan will be released only after that period expires. In certain States, escrow stipulation is in force. This means that the papers have to be submitted to the escrow officer and have them recorded. The process may take a week. In such cases you will get the money only after that is done.