Applying for a Home Equity Loan Online

If you’ve been thinking about applying for a loan to use the value of the equity you’ve built up but aren’t sure exactly what the best option for you would be, you might want to consider applying for a home equity loan online.

By choosing to apply for your home equity loan online, you can qualify for even lower interest rates than you might normally with equity. The information below should present you with some of the advantages of applying for a home equity loan online, as well as an overview of the application process.

Interest Rates

One of the main reasons that many people choose to apply for a home equity loan online is the low interest rates that they are able to secure this way. While using equity as collateral has always been a great way to get a low interest rate on a loan, online lenders are often able to extend the advantage even more.

Since it costs considerably less to operate a business on the internet than in a physical storefront, online lenders usually have a much lower overhead cost than other lenders might. Combine this lower cost with the security of equity lending, and these online loan providers are able to offer low interest rates to individuals of all credit ratings.

Loan Terms

The terms by which you will have to pay back a home equity loan online may be a bit different than those which are offered by some other lenders, with the difference being in the borrower’s favor.

Online lenders are often able to offer more flexible terms, and may include features in their loan agreements such as the ability to change your payment due date, set up automatic payments directly from your chequeing account, and schedule payments that are larger than the minimum owed to enable you to repay your loan faster.


Deciding to apply for a home equity loan online can make the loan process much more convenient than using other types of lenders. You can research various lenders online, request quotes for the interest rates and terms via e-mail or online forms, and even submit your loan application from the privacy of your own home computer at any time of the day or night.

Many online lenders are even able to process their loans and grant approvals faster than some of their physical counterparts, which means that your money gets to you much sooner in addition to the other conveniences.


If you have decided that you want to apply for your home equity loan online, you’ll find that the process is actually quite simple. Use your preferred online search engine to locate a number of different lenders, and contact each of them to request a quote for a loan based upon your equity.

Compare these offers, choosing the lender who has the best balance of low interest rates and flexible terms; you should then contact this lender again, or use an online form to submit your final loan application.